10 Ways Your Business Should Be Taking Advantage of Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 SolutionsIf you’ve made the move to Microsoft Office 365, you probably have some idea of what it’s capable of bringing to your business. Yet we see a number of customers use only a fraction of what Office 365 offers. Here are some suggestions for taking full advantage of this incredibly rich product.

1 – Automatic Data Backup

Your email is backed up automatically with Office 365 so why not your documents? Using One Drive for Business for your personal files and SharePoint for shared documents means you don’t have to worry about backing any of it up.

2 – Access Data Anywhere
If you keep your documents in One Drive and SharePoint Online you can access them anywhere, at any time, on any machine, by logging in to Office 365. The online version of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint let you make changes without having to install software, giving you incredible flexibility.

3 – Office Always Stays Up to Date
Say goodbye to manually updating your Office installations. With Office 365 every user on every machine can have access to the latest version of Office and take advantage of the latest features.

4 – Install Office On Multiple Devices
Office 365 lets you install a full copy of Office 2016 on up to five devices. Your work PC, home PC, tablet, and phone can all have Office installed on them. If you upgrade your hardware no worries, just move the license to a new device and you’re set.

5 – Collaborate with Skype
We all have some form of “email overload” where our inbox fills up with simple questions and answers. With Skype you can send a message (“Andrea, did you get the contract?”) and get a reply (“Yes, thanks!”) without a volley of emails. Skype also offers video conferencing so no matter where your team members are located a face-to-face meeting is minutes away.

6 – Integration with Other Software
Office 365 works well with other cloud solutions. For example, you can do a Salesforce® integration – pairing the power of Salesforce.com’s CRM with Office 365’s document management and linking. The Microsoft store has a wealth of application plug-ins that can help you harness the power you have already purchased.

7 – Get More Organized With SharePoint
SharePoint gives you tremendous flexibility for document organization that goes beyond the old Windows file structure. You can manage who has access to documents by user, by groups, and even allow people outside your organization to access documents. Users can check out, edit documents, and review the changes without keeping multiple copies.

8 – Simplified and Flexible Licensing
With Office 365 you aren’t stuck with one size for all products. Licensing options let you choose what applications your team uses. Only need email access? There’s a license for that. Need additional access but don’t need Office on every desktop? There’s a license for that too. People come and go? You can add or remove licenses easily. All the licensing options work together, keeping your costs in line with your staffing.

9 – Reduce Your IT Costs and Increase Uptime
Maintaining local servers and other hardware can be expensive, and the reliability is only as good as the equipment and the staff. With Office 365 you don’t need any of it. In fact, many of SMB Help Desk’s IT Support customers now only use a router and a switch and Office 365 to run very successful businesses.

10 – Leverage a Rich Set of Applications
Office 365 comes loaded with a number of applications like One Note, Sway, or Delve that you can leverage anytime. One Note lets you keep notes on mobile devices that are instantly available on a workstation when you need them. Delve provides a unique collaboration environment that we’ve highlighted before. Sway lets you build exceptional presentations that go way beyond PowerPoint. Your options are limitless.