Benefits of Proactive Salesforce Support

If you search online, you’ll find plenty of articles and blog posts about the benefits of Salesforce®. You’ll also find many articles about the usefulness of something like Salesforce Premiere Support. At SMBHD, we are happy to start offering a new kind of support- Proactive Salesforce Support!

Most companies and organizations will only open a case in regards to their org if something has gone wrong. At SMBHD, we aim to help you avoid those situations altogether.

Here are some common issues that our Proactive Support aims to eliminate:

  • Slow Turnaround of New Functionality
    • We’ve all seen it happen – a slow process or duplicate point of data entry is identified, but the turnaround time to get new functionality or automation to eliminate it takes too long to design, estimate, and implement.
  • User Adoption
    • Salesforce only works well when employees are using it
  • Hitting a Wall
    • Salesforce has fair limits on things like outbound emails, data storage, and API usage that can cause your business to slow down to stop. Keeping tabs on these limits can be essential to a company’s success.
  • Disorganized Apex and Visualforce Code
    • Even the most well maintained Salesforce orgs can hit situations where Apex tests start to fail. A failure to maintain unit tests can create situations where custom development fails or new functionality can’t be deployed from a Sandbox or QA environment.

Proactive Support aims to stop all of the above with minimal effort from your organization.

Below are the key features we use to help stop these common issues:

  • Continuous Improvement
    • Proactive Support enables customers with access to our customer portal. The portal allows Customers to add requests for new functionality in their org, get estimates on the work it will take, and approve the work to begin immediately. This functionality is combined with Weekly Status Reports as well as Quarterly Business Reviews from a Dedicated Project Manager to ensure that SMB is consulting on best practices and giving advice on the functionality your organization wants to implement. Whether this entails recommending 3rd party app vs custom dev or simply prioritizing your requests in the right order, SMBHD is here to help!
  • Saleforce Org Monitoring
    • A large percentage of companies don’t have true change management in place on their orgs. SMBHD installs monitoring software to keep track of the most critical aspects of your Salesforce org, including:
      • Recently Added, Modified, or Deleted fields
      • User Logins
      • Newly created records this week.
      • Administrative Changes
      • How close you are to common Salesforce Limits (data storage, API calls, and more!)
      • Weekly run of Apex tests
  • Salesforce Health Dashboards
    • Metrics demonstrating KPIs to help you know what part of your org needs the most attention like user adoption, data management, change management or other items.

Proactive Monitoring Dashboard

This approach to your Salesforce org ensure that you’re always getting the most of out of your licenses. More importantly, it always keeps you on top of the health of your org in preparation for additional functionality! This is essential when considering the addition of new integrations, whether that be something like Pardot for marketing or the introduction of a new Community.

Contact Us today for more info on how you can start giving your org some more TLC.