Highlights from the Salesforce Spring ’17 Release

The release notes document for the Salesforce® Spring ’17 release is 479 pages! I assume you already read it cover to cover and have plans to utilize every new feature. So you don’t even need this blog, I think I’ll just stop here…

Or – maybe you just want me to tell you what to be excited about: 3 things.

Lightning Speed. Kanban. Favorites.

Lightning Speed – If you’ve been closing your eyes and mumbling “Lightning is fine. I like using it. I like using it. I like using it.” to yourself as you crawl around lightning in Winter 16, you’ll be glad to know this new release delivers some significant enhancements to both loading and navigating speeds.

Kanban Anything – This is my favorite feature. Something I’ve been waiting for since I first saw the view for opportunities when lightning was released. Kanban view takes any list view in your system and makes it easy to visualize the records by any summary level you choose. Then take it step further and move the records between groups.

Here at SMB we eat, sleep and breathe Salesforce. That means we have a lot of process tracking and lifecycle management in our Org. Cases, Internal Dev Requests, Tickets, Future Work Items, Client Requests, Opportunities, Leads and Projects just to name a few. We can easily use Kanban view to move things between Open, In Progress and Complete Status.

Check out our request views:

Open Requests Screen Shot

Open Requests 2- SF SS

Request Screen Shot 2

Favorites – This is cool. Pretty much anywhere in lightning you can hit the star icon:

Favorites - SF SS

And favorite a page. This allows you to quickly navigate to your favorite records, lists, apps, reports or dashboards with the click of a button.

Favorites Screen Shot

There you go. Excited yet? You should be. If you’d like to learn more about setting up and using these features, you can see view the documentation for general feature list, general favorites, AND Kanban feature. Or better yet, give our Salesforce consulting team a call and we’ll do the work for you!

Did I miss anything? What’s your pick for top enhancement in Spring ’17? Tell us in the comments.