Proactive IT Solutions: Preparing for the Worst

IT Support Team Working TogetherWhen deciding to outsource your IT management, one of the important questions that arises is what services your business does and does not need. Successful IT implementation can be a complicated beast to tackle, especially if there’s no current IT support system in place. At The SMB Help Desk, we believe in approaching managed IT services from one of two perspectives based on a business’s needs: Proactive and Reactive. Here, we’ll take a look at the benefits of a proactive IT service.

Reduced Downtime
The key to a successful proactive model is preparation and prevention. No matter the setup, IT systems can (and will) go down from time to time. The best way to combat these outages is to prepare for the inevitable. From building an IT infrastructure that is reliable to implementing measures in the event of IT hiccups, a comprehensive proactive plan can benefit many small businesses. With the right plan in place, you can drastically reduce the downtime duration should an IT issue arise while maximizing the value you get from your IT investment as well as the up-time for both your customers and your business.

Predictable Cost
Anyone’s biggest IT fear is the repair cost that follows a failure. The severity of the issue can range, as can the investment required to remedy the situation. A proactive IT model provides an economical solution. As part of a management plan, fixed monthly costs ensure you’ll know how much your business is spending on maintaining its IT network as well as the cost to fix any IT issues that arise. Depending on the model that best fits your business, outsourcing at a fixed rate removes the worry for surprise charges or additional expenditures in the event of sudden support requests.

Professional Advice
IT management plans are not one size fits all. While an internal IT department can be built for the business’s specific needs, when looking to outsource, consider the degree to which your IT plan is configured. With a proactive model through The SMB Help Desk, you get professional advice and consulting to evaluate your overall business strategy and how an IT plan will fit to meet that strategy’s needs. Ensuring your IT strategy syncs with the overall business is key to a successful implementation.

In-House Quality Support, Outsourced Cost
Sometimes the investment cost of creating an internal IT department doesn’t justify the return for smaller businesses. As a result, the proactive IT model falls by the wayside, which can leave a business unprepared for any IT challenge that may arise. Consider the benefit, both cost-effectiveness and quality, of outsourcing your IT support. You can save by eliminating the need to hire additional resources for IT while still receiving the full benefit of a quality and responsive IT team.

The goal of a proactive IT solution is simple: Expect the best but prepare for the worst. IT problems will undoubtedly arise but having the proper plan in place can ensure your business is back with as little downtime or lag as possible. These goals can be achieved by utilizing a reliable third-party IT service provider. At The SMB Help Desk, we strive to be more than just another outsourced IT solution; we are your IT partner.