3 Ways Managed IT Services Benefits the Internal IT Team

Partnering with a managed IT service company has so many applications and different purposes assisting small and medium sized businesses with their IT needs and growth plans. Here are a few different aspects of how a managed IT services partner can help you and your company.

Diversifying IT CapabilitiesIT Support professionals at work.
As a managed service partner learns the customer’s processes, the customer assimilates new ways to execute and leverage unfamiliar processes and technologies. The customer is exposed to ideas and concepts that comes from having a team with a diverse and experienced background. Not just seeing and working outside of the box, but adding an entirely new dimension to their IT dexterity.

Optimization and Transference
For any IT professional to have time to concentrate on a specific task, project, or training they will need the delegation of many different demands and common tasks. The concept of following through with a “deep dive” into a concept or technology takes time. When you are your own team, time is rarely if ever on your side to concentrate on a single task.

User Experience Upgrade
There are many times where small IT teams are overwhelmed with multiple requests coming in from many directions at the same time. When this happens the users will most likely be waiting some time to get a response, and a quick resolution is not always possible. When you bring in a managed service partner these delayed solutions and the loss of productivity are no longer a concern. Users get a quick and thorough response and the support process is shortened with more resources are available. This is especially true when IT people are sick or on holiday.

These are just a few examples of the positive changes that we have seen our customers accomplish by bringing on The SMB Help Desk as their managed IT service partner. We recently checked in with one of our customers and here’s what they had to say:

“Having Managed Services for IT as a System Administrator allows me to focus on long term projects without being distracted by the necessary but sometimes frustrating tasks like unlocking accounts, or keeping the software up to date. I work in a team with only one other person. Networking isn’t either of our strengths, so it’s nice to have a larger group with diversified skill-sets to fall back on when we reach an impasse with our system.” – Andrew Saarima, Jr. System Administrator, Sweetener Supply Corp.

By partnering with a managed IT services company, IT becomes an opportunity rather than a burden.