Empower team collaboration with SharePoint Online.

Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online provide our clients with a powerful enterprise-class system for collaboration. Our team extends the power of SharePoint online with expert SharePoint consulting to help your team increase the effectiveness and power of your SharePoint implementation.


Like many enterprise-class solutions SharePoint online can be a daunting application for many people.  We have a Microsoft certified team that understands the best practices and technical aspects of SharePoint Online to help you implement the solution.  Our team works with you to understand your objectives and goals, configure SharePoint Online and train your organization’s users on the best ways to use the system.  With every implementation we focus on setting up your organization’s core sites and sub-sites, document libraries, calendars and lists.  We work with your users to configure the systems security and setup OneDrive.


If you already have an existing SharePoint Online implementation and are ready to take advantage of SharePoint Online’s advanced features or need ad-hoc SharePoint Online support we are ready to assist.  Our team has experience working with SharePoint Online workflow (process automation), Microsoft Access integration, Power Business Intelligence (Power BI), portal and online forms.

The single biggest benefit to moving to Office 365 has been the ease of software updates and moving licenses between users.  The addition of SharePoint Online has given us a much more cost effective solution for document management.

Rob Rousseau, President - OneSource HR

SharePoint Online

Share and collaborate across your organization.

SharePoint Online makes it easy to share information and collaborate across your organization. With Sites, Sub-sites, Document Libraries, Lists and Calendars any user is able to publish their content from any Microsoft Office application and share with both internal and external users. With version control and social features within SharePoint Online your team will be able to develop and collaborate on content across your organization.

With external users and external links you and your team will have the ability move outside the walls of your organization by sharing and collaborating on content with your vendors, partners and customers. Users have the ability to use Microsoft Web Apps with SharePoint to edit data in real-time together.

Almost all of your published content is available from any users mobile phone or tablet.

Organize your data and discover new information.

With SharePoint Online you and your organization can be connected in minutes to organize all your documents, tasks and projects in a single system. The content and information that is saved in SharePoint Online can be synced with your desktop as a “shared drive” or with OneDrive Pro.  Synced data is a mouse click away when you are both online and offline. With SharePoint Online’s enterprise search all of your content is indexed in a full-text index so relevant results are always delivered.

For your users that want to collaborate in context SharePoint Online allows you to have sites and sub-sites organized by department, project or any internal classification you may have. SharePoint Online offers templates designed to quickly create efficiency based on how your data is stored.

SharePoint Online

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