Salesforce Custom App Development

Your business has unique needs and our team has the technical expertise to help you meet those needs. We specialize in APEX and VisualForce development and integration to create unique, simple solutions that translate into results for your business.

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Salesforce is not just a CRM.

If you are looking to build a custom, hosted application for your business you must make sure that that Salesforce App Cloud is on your list of Platforms as a Service (PaaS). The power for the Salesforce Platform will give you and your organization a custom application that is deployed at a lower cost with more scalability than any other solution on the market.

Make the most of your technology.

Whether your business is looking to create an entirely new app in Salesforce or your system isn’t meeting 100% of your requirements our team is here to help you bridge the gap. We understand that there is no, single solution for every client so our team of Salesforce Platform experts works with you to develop a custom application that fits your needs.

For the past several years, The SMB Help Desk has helped us do things in SFDC we never thought possible. With SMB’s help, SFDC has allowed me to spend more time on growing my business and less time on operating it. If you’re looking for a SFDC consulting partner give SMB a call.

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Why customize with the Salesforce Custom App Cloud?

Companies of all sizes are leveraging the App Cloud to grow their business because of the cost savings and faster deployment on a single platform.  With the Salesforce Custom App Cloud you are able to get a unique application that fits your business’ requirements.









Leverage the power of the Salesforce1™ Platform.

Salesforce is ranked as a leader in both Gartner and Forrester magic quadrants for its Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology – that is unlike any other solution. With APEX and VisualForce custom development you can leverage that power of the platform without the limitations and pitfalls of other hosted or on-premise solutions. Our technical team are expert APEX and VisualForce consultants and can provide you the expertise and guidance needed to leverage the power of the Salesforce Platform.

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A multi-tenant infrastructure means it guarantees your organization that the platform has the most up-to-date feature and functionality while ensuring almost constant up-time for your application (and team). Our team is able to leverage the open API infrastructure for faster deployment.


With the Salesforce1™ platoform your customization is mobile enabled and available on the Salesforce1™ Mobile App without significant development costs. Our team of Salesforce technical consultants works in HTML5 and other languages to help ensure mobile usability based on our clients’ requirements.


Integrations and customizations are auto-upgraded in Salesforce ensuring an almost 0% downtime. With our APEX and VisualForce customizations we leverage native Salesforce functions when possible to ensure the scalability and increased life of our client’s apps.


We are able to leverage APEX and VisualForce which are very similar to Java and standard markup languages. Because of our depth of knowledge with APEX and VisualForce custom development we are able to rapidly deploy custom solutions for our clients regardless of the complexity of the business challenge.