A rich small business phone solution set at an affordable cost.

We offer an enterprise-class Hosted VoIP solution (hVoice) that offers a big feature set at one low cost — lower than many traditional voice service solutions.  Unlike many traditional telephone systems that require significant capital expenditures our Hosted VoIP solution is paid monthly with minimal upfront capital expense.

Control everything, connect everyone and collaborate everywhere.

Small buisness voip phone services provided by The SMB Helpdesk

Our small business VoIP solution let’s you decide how your calls are routed and answered. With custom prompts, time-based call routing, find-me/follow-me functions and an auto-attendant you control how your system works.  The system has a wide range of hardware options and provides flexibility for you to choose your preferred device — including: Panasonic, Cisco, Motorola Q and Polycom.

You will have the flexibility to transfer a call, use a 10 person conference bridge, page other team members, record calls, listen in on calls and receive free eFaxes with our phone system. The Hosted VoIP solution has free wifi calling, multi-site capabilities, voicemail-to-email, 3-way calling and call forwarding (i.e. to your mobile phone).

The staff at SMB are technically astute, personable, and always willing to help solve problems and provide valuable solutions.

Dan Gerard, CIO - Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

Absolutely everything you will ever need in a business phone service.

We leverage the power of the cloud to deliver a phone system that is feature rich but scales with your business as you grow. A phone system that is built like an enterprise-level PBX but priced for small businesses.


Your users have the features that they need. The system includes an auto-attendant, call routing, call queues, hold music and more.


Routes all of your calls exactly where they need to go – including to your computer, mobile phone and desk phone. Your customers will never get a busy signal again, which means better retention and more business.


Dollar for dollar you get more features, quality, up-time, and value. All features are included with every plan and you never have any hidden fees.


Adding a new phone to your account is easy. Just give us a call and we’ll configure it and ship it right to your door. All you do is plug the phone into your internet connection. And, you only pay for the phones and lines that you need.

What is hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP is a business VoIP service where the VoIP equipment and servers are hosted in data-centers by the provider.  These systems manage the calls and route them to and from the customers phones and devices.  Hosted VoIP is a managed service that allows companies to save themselves from the high cost of having to invest in and manage an expensive phones system.

Hosted VoIP services use packet-switched telephony to transmit calls over the Internet instead of circuit-switched technology that were traditionally used.   You no longer need to have multiple phone lines.  All that is needed is a single stable high-speed internet connection.

Hosted VoIP