Starting the New Year with Managed IT Services

New Yea Business Innovation ImageAs we enter into 2017, many people are looking to start fresh with new resolutions and personal goals for the New Year. Personal resolutions are great, but what about business resolutions? Sure, there’s lots of focus on budgets, sales goals, etc. but what about a retroactive look at the internal business IT network? How many times did phone calls drop, conference lines become cluttered, the internal network go out, or a PC crash? Does your small business match up to your IT goals? Or rather, is your current IT infrastructure getting in the way of your small business? Here are a few business resolutions to shoot for in 2017.

Strengthen the IT Network
Start the New Year with the strongest IT network service available. Are the current IT demands becoming too much to handle internally? By outsourcing your IT network needs, you can spend more time focusing on your business and less on the technology behind it. From 24/7 monitoring and remote support to as-needed service and onsite repairs, a small business can thrive by trusting its IT network to a managed IT service vendor. You’ll save yourself a headache and free up time to grow your business.

Stop the Conference Line Shuffle
Make this the year that conference line competition and dropped calls are eliminated. Utilizing the Cloud to handle everything including call routing, conference bridging, call queues, and system management can provide a much more viable alternative to multiple phone lines. As an added bonus, using a cloud-based telecommunication system only requires a steady internet connection. We can help you determine the best VoIP system for your business in its current state with plenty of options for scalability as you grow.

System Upgrades without a Hitch
A new year means new technology, and the technological landscape is evolving faster than ever – That means programs and hardware become obsolete quicker. Establishing a plan in order to stay on top of the game, having the latest and greatest equipment, and utilizing it correctly is critical. If staying on top of system upgrades is becoming too much to handle internally, it may be time to look for a third-party partner. Whether switching hardware, adding new hardware, or updating software, The SMB Help Desk make sure it’s done right the first time.

Avoiding Critical Data Hits or Loss
Nothing feels worse than finding a saved file has become corrupt or is missing. Expand that to an entire business and suddenly disbelief is replaced with full blown panic. Ensuring your business has the correct technologies and processes in place for a complete data backup, security, and recovery plan is crucial. It may seem like maintaining data security internally seems more secure, but as a business grows the demands of maintaining that security grows as well and it can quickly begin to hamper business development. Third-party data security providers know data is the lifeblood of any business, and as such take extra steps to ensure they offer reliable services.

This year, let us help you keep these new business resolutions. As a full managed IT service and support provider, we are here to help establish a stable technology infrastructure as well as assist when something fails. We are more than third party company service consultants; we are your IT partner. We are The SMB Help Desk.