Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional managed IT services and support.

Technology is a critical component of any business and top-performing organizations view technology as a strategic element or method for driving efficiency, performance and growth. SMB manged IT services and support is the solution to meeting the increasing technology demands of your business.


With SMB’s team you will have highly skilled, specialized expertise in your corner. Our engineers and consultants give you coverage on the increasingly complex technologies and business requirements so there is no learning curve while meeting your increasing business demands.


Convert your capital and labor costs to a fixed monthly expense with managed IT services and support. This frees up needed capital for many of our clients to be reinvested in the business. Scale up and down as needed with IT experts when new projects arise.


Many businesses never fully utilize the true power of their technology and applications. With managed IT services and support you get a team of experts that will ensure you are fully utilizing your applications and getting a greater ROI on your technology investments.

Not only do I save about 50% vs hiring an in house IT department, but more importantly, the quality and coverage provided by SMB is far superior to anything I could hire in house.  As a company in a hyper growth phase, I would constantly have to overstaff my IT department to keep up with my other hiring and this doesn’t include having to hire an entire second shift of IT proffesionals to create 24X7 coverage.

Rob Holton, COO - Video Medicine

Managed IT services and support by the numbers.

Many clients understand that there may be benefits of outsourcing IT services but the true metrics of the benefits are outstanding. Here are just a few reasons why leveraging managed IT services and support with SMB is beneficial for your business.



35% reduction in IT support costs as a result of managed services.


Companies spend on average 50% of their time reacting to problems instead of proactively managing their technology.


Organizations realize a 60% gain in efficiency with managed IT services.


With managed IT services and support your business can achieve 100% alignment between your business’s strategy and technology strategy.

Managed IT Services

Level the playing field with your competitors.

Large companies maintain in-house support services and resources that specialize in specific areas of the technology spectrum. Small and mid-sized firms simply cannot afford to maintain the same levels of expertise in house.

Outsourcing managed IT services and support with SMB allows our clients to act “big” by having the same economies of scale, efficiency and expertise that their competitors enjoy without financial overexposure. With SMB you get access to a large team of certified engineers and consultants that have unprecedented expertise in both front- and back-office applications and support.

With SMB you gain:

  • 24×7 help desk services and local onsite support
  • Physical infrastructure expertise
  • Microsoft certified experts
  • Engineers with deep knowledge of SharePoint Online
  • Consultants skilled in application development